“It’s a terrible and selfish truth but I can’t wait until the day someone has to put up with my bullshit because they love enough to know that I am more than my insecurities.”
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Min & Han: The Wedding
All of Xiuhan Empire's followers are invited to witness the blessing of Kim Minseok and Lu Han in Holy Matrimony, so don't forget your gifts and wishes!

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Beautiful Escape
AJ Rafael / Beautiful Escape (EP)
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Karneval 78…

…Jiiki-kun being awesome…

best friend: jongin (ew who allowed you)
first kiss:  yixing (so am i sehun then)
walks you home: jongdae (do i get to stare at the chooty tho)
lab partner: minseok (im getting nothing done i hope he realizes this)
asks you to prom: tao (he’ll wear the dress)
seat mate: sehun 
secret admirer: kyungsoo ;~;
creepy stalker: yixing (well thats awkward)
teases you:  sehun (you little shit)

Best Friend: Kyung Soo
First Kiss: Kris
Walks You Home: Yi Xing
Lab Partner: Se Hun
Asks You to Prom: Baek Hyun
Seat Mate: Lu Han
Secret Admirer: Chan Yeol
Creepy Stalker: Chan Yeol
Teases You: Joon Myeon

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Anonymous said: Hi! I want to know about D.O's 133 days girlfriend in his pre-debut letter to his brother. I've been looking everywhere but can't seem to find that he mentioned about it. Maybe it's another letter I read about. I'm not really sure. Thanks :]


I cut out part of the letter that his mom wrote lol ;;

I’ll translate the whole letter, because Kyungsoo’s such a sweet dongsaeng. ;____;

"kekeke Hyung, I didn’t know that this letter would reach you faster if sent through the computer. keke I also didn’t know where it said 8F, so I had a hard time searching for it…ㅠㅠ My wallet’s also having a difficult time. There’s not much pocket money, so send me some hehe~ Hyung, do you know how much I miss you!!? Hurry up and come home!! I only have my id picture from my first year of high school, so I’m sending you that. And the picture of my girlfriend and me at our 100 days anniversary is the most recent one keke..We’re at 133 days right now though…I’m also sending a huge picture of you so you can judge for yourself if you’ve gained weight or not.

keke Don’t worry about mom and her legs. I’m a person who can do aromatherapy massage after all! keke I don’t know if I sound immature if I say these kinds of things….but before you went off to the army, I was like that. keke I think about hyung a lot…It’s getting cold these days, so I’ll send these hot packs to you early. I’m sending these only because I spotted them while looking for things. Anyways, if you need anything, just tell me. I’ll buy it all and send them to you!!  And about SM, I need to meet up with them after the mock exam’s over. If I go this time, it’ll probably be to sign the contract. keke You might end up seeing me on TV before your mandatory time in the army is over. keke Or is this too far-fetched? kekeke Hyung, hurry up and come out for a break; I want to see how much you’ve changed~ I’m the most curious! 

I’m also practicing my songs a lot! I’ve improved a lot, so now you probably can’t look down on me anymore~? keke Ah, Mom keeps nagging me about when I’ll get baptized since you did. I’d better too soon, right? kekeke The day you finish your military service, I’ll be outside the entrance waiting for you! Even if it’s far, I’m going! I’ll drag our parents along too! keke

Also, one of my two partners became a trainee~ keke It’s a company called “Cube,” and it’s a sister company of JYP. If I say the place that houses 4minute, would you know~? Anyways, so it’s only us two left now. kekeke I’m doing fine, so don’t concern yourself over me! The whole family’s laughing while looking at your pictures. keke You look bright, and because you’re happy, our family’s at peace too. kekeke I’ll write another letter to you later, hyung!

I love you too keke”

Note: The trainee/partner Kyungsoo’s talking about in the letter is BtoB’s Im Hyunsik. :)


Karneval 78! I waited for this like forever!!! Worth it though…Gareki so sweet and mature in this chapter…And Yogi as adorable as ever…His face when he said:

"He trusts us! He really trusts us!"..

And Tsubame nodding along…

Now, I have to wait for chapter 79…T.T…Please, update soon!!!

Everyone should reblog this. Not to give this post notes, but to give others strength. After seeing this post, it gave me hope for a brighter future. He is a great role model for people who are in need of light. I respect him so much as a human being. Don’t cry, baby. <3

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